The Groove

I’m trying to get back into it. The normal life routine where I work, clean, eat, walk my dog, and live. But what does everyone else fill that time with? All the time they aren’t doing responsible things. Personally I sit on my couch and feel tired. Then I remember I forgot to take my medication and the time for that changes yet again. Take it. Take it. You’ll feel better. Instead I’m glued to my spot. What kind of motivation is needed to move from a spot towards something that makes you better. Move. I don’t feel like it. I should though.


Tucson Jeep- Old Vail/Total Wreck

I did it! I finally got to meet up with other jeep owners and they didn’t hate my renegade!

I think this trail was rated  2.5+ on {experience arizona}

I’ll include a link to my gropro footage towards the bottom

{Here} is a quick look at some of the jeeps that were there! Over 30!


 I’ve received so much backlash online for even liking it I wasn’t sure how people would receive it. I’m happy to report that there was only ever a positive reception from the people of Tucson Jeeps Facebook page and the Rough Riders! Everyone was really welcoming and friendly. We met at a Dunkin Donuts and headed out to Old Vail from there. I’m happy to say I’ve added a few things to my “need to get” list and quite a few friends on Facebook


One of my favorite photos of my renegade ❤

My favorite part about off roading is the bopping around in my seat and getting my jeep into weird angels. I’d like to ramp it up a bit but I’ve got to wear down the tires my renegade came with


Some vertical cliffs that we passed while on the state trust land in Old Vail



This is one of the entrances to the part of the old Total Wreck
mines that we stopped at. This one was really cool, it went all the way through and there were sparkly black rocks everywhere. I’m no geologist but I think the group leader was haha


This is inside one of of the big oven/kilns? that used to be part of the town that popped up with the mine


I almost got my tire off the ground here!

I’m happy to report that my Renegade kicked ass and impressed several doubters. I think that until people see it in action they can’t believe what it’s really capable of. It knocked one thing out after the next and I loved every moment of the slippery mud and crazy rocks!



O.J. In his natural habitat


We ended up at the Empire Ranch which is now maintained by the state. It’s the original Homestead for the Vail family {the founding family}. It dates back to being built sometime in the 1800’s so it’s was a weird mix of historic and modern building and the best part is that it’s free to see!


The final line up! I kind of learned about airing up and down, it’s on my “to look up later” list. I only had to take 1 bypass, and I honestly think it had to do with my lack of experience and need of more aggressive off roading tires



It really was a beautiful day; a mild 50 degrees and just a few spits of rain. We started out by 9am and we hit pavement again around 5pm. These are the Rincon Mountains… I think haha. Tucson is surrounded so it’s hard to keep track



I’m really looking forward to the next meeting! The hardest part is getting started but  then the balls rolling

In the meantime I’ve got to free my Jeep from the hoard of mud that is trying to take it over

{Here} is the only video I was able to put together, I guess I don’t quite know how to use my go pro haha

I had a lot of fun routing around in the mud, starting new friendships, and taking my jeep out to play in the sweet Arizona weather

As always,

To New {Jeep} Adventures!

The Lights Festival: Florence AZ


Overall I had a lot of fun at the festival! Although.. at some points it was not. But that’s a give or take with me in any situation and can change pretty quickly

We were running a bit behind, but as soon as we got close I was relieved to see the mass amount of traffic that was still trying to get into the festival

Seriously, that was a butt-ton of people

Check in was really quick, we picked up our lanterns and tiny swag bags with flashlights . Immediately I wanted food. I wish I hadn’t though. We ended up bouncing from food truck line to food truck line mainly because of food shortage

Again. A lot of people


By the time we did get food the first launch had gone off. I wish I had known there was a second launch… In retrospect not being in the middle of the crowd was great, we got to light our lanterns on the edge, and release them without a swarm of people around us

We plopped down on our mass of blankets and warmth to devour our food truck crepe and hotdogs. It was great because we got the far back view of the lanterns crossing the sky, which really was something else, and even more people piled in around us and continued to release lanterns for almost 30 minutes

The waythe lanterns moved in the wind was like getting to see a constellations movements over time sped up

The Event overall had a great atmosphere. Everyone was really considerate and when fire fell short to light the lantern good samaritans passed around their lighters!

My suggestion for lighting them is to make sure that lantern is fluffed open like a garbage bag and then light all four corners of the black square just a little bit, and when it’s nice and lit grab it by the top and bottom and let it fill up with heat. It will slowly start to pull up and WA-LAH! Away it floats!


I hope that since this festival is sort of new this info helps! If you have any questions let me know!

{Check out Paul’s footage here on my channel}

As always,

To New Adventures!

Mt. Lemmon Winter 2016

First Snow on Mt Lemmon

Here } is the drive up Mt Lemmon from bottom to top 🙂


Getting up the gumption to even put on clothes that are warm enough for Mt Lemmon took two days. Not going to lie, I really wanted to go, but something was holding me back. I found myself ready to go on the second day, even if it did have a slow start



There’s always something that I want to do, but me is holding me back. Somewhere inside there is this little voice, well not even a voice. More of like a feeling I can’t put words to that keeps me rooted in one spot in my mind, unable to move forward with a thought because me has created some sort of silent block

Whatever it is, sometimes it’s easy to get over and sometimes I keep myself from something for so long I forget about it. Nice right? It’s helpful when you need to just get past the shit but not so much when it’s shit you need to work on


Finally ready to head up Mt Lemmon I grabbed my gopro, filled up my AdventureBox, and headed off for a solo day adventure. Getting out to the peaceful snow with nothing but silence and still is exactly what my overloaded brain needed

I thought about nothing and it was great

As a result my shins hurt, I got a great view, and I had a pretty good day to myself. Really though, it’s important to spend time alone every now and then. We keep ourselves surround by a constant feed of information, and personally I like that, but it gets to be an overload. Especially with everything going on in the world


Here is to my peaceful day on Mt Lemmon


To New Adventures!

Back to Bouldering


Climbing video: Bouldering at TheBloc

Hey there! I figured since funds are saying I have to stay put {saving up for a trip!} I’d keep you updated on my progress as a climber! I started climbing back in March and then when I got back home I was stuck in this place where I couldn’t find anyone to climb with me and I didn’t want to climb alone. Finally!! I had a friend tag along and I got my start again in May/June

I was climbing at The Bloc bouldering gym {which offers plenty of beginner variety} here in Tucson up until August and in that time I made a good friend Amy! Since that awkward “Hey I don’t want to be creepy but I have no climbing friends” intro of mine {no joke} we have been pretty good at getting our schedules to line up for climb time!

Really though I’ve found the best way to make friends is to solicit beta from people, or at least look friendly enough to offer it if they ask you {all you who suffer from RBF {myself included!} keep this in mind}

‘ until someone had to go and donate a kidney. Geeze.

And start physical therapy. WOW.

Ok. technically I started physical therapy first… But its been going excellent! I went climbing for the first time in over 2 months tonight and had no pain at all 😀 Just to be sure I’ll ice before bed and then it’s PT in the morning.

This first climb in the video wasn’t my first of the night but I felt like it was important to included a climb I didn’t succeed at. I felt awkward and unsure of where to place my feet the higher up I got. Probably because I didn’t even notice the two purple feet on the red face just behind me..

The next climb had black holds and I was for sure still feeling the wobbles of trying to figure my body back out. I do a lot of adjusting which is something I’ve got to get back in to working on.

I love when I see holds that I enjoyed from an old climb used on a new one. It almost feels like I might know what to do haha! This blue hold climb wasn’t too bad! A bit unsure for a second, but it’s always fun trying to wrap my brain around how if hold goes one way, and the wall goes another, how do I have to hold myself?

I really enjoyed this last yellow climb! Even though it looks like poo. It’s cool to come around the face of anything, and this particular spot goes pretty high up. I was unsure for a second how I was going to find feet to keep going. For most of my time at TheBloc I tried to do as much down climbing as I could to reduce my impact on my ankel. This one I was more like crapcrap running out of options and fwap!

How to be a better climber? Watch yourself and learn from your mistakes! I found out tonight that TheBloc is hiring at employment includes membership… hmmm..

Have a good Turkey Day if you don’t here from me sooner!

To New Adventures!

A Little Unexpected Adventure


March 2016

Where to begin? Honestly, it all started when Paul told me that someone he did foreign exchange with needed a place to crash a couple of nights while she traveled the country with her friend. I was game, especially since I was just about to take a a couple of weeks off of work and I still had no idea what I was even going to be doing and travel was a far off dream. After meeting them and hearing about their adventures I was intrigued by their style of traveling and craved an adventure of my own.


Long story short Paul and Alexis met 7 years ago on foreign exchange, and while Alexis and her friend Jessie were traveling the Untied States they were looking for a place to crash  when Alexis remembered Paul lived in Tucson. This is honestly the perfect example of why facebook is useful.


After hearing about their climbing adventures and finding out that they actually knew what they were doing I half heartedly mentioned my interest in climbing and that I would be taking vacation in about a week and I had no clue what I wanted to do. After a bit more conversation about climbing I found myself being invited on their adventure across the southern sates!

Here was this opportunity, staring me in the face screaming TAKE ME. I could place my self in this situation where I can’t escape and force myself to see that being around complete strangers and trying to make friends is good, or I could give in and listen to the little voice saying “sit safely on your couch and binge watch netflix. You don’t even know these people!”  But that would not scratch the antsy itch I had been feeling, so I hesitantly/excitedly said I would join {skepticism still lurking}

My timing didn’t quite match up with theirs so after insisting that it was ok that I tagged along a bit later I found myself driving down i10 almost at the Arizona/New Mexico thinking that I could turn back at any moment and the minute I cross the boarder it’s too late

I think it’s important to mention, just so that you know, everyone has a bit of weird in them for no reason other than it cropped up at some point and then you just learn how to work or deal with it. I’m pretty sure mine cropped up when I was a kid and for no other reason than I would get bored and then uncomfortable in the middle of the night at sleepovers and then I would just up and leave. As I got older it just evolved into a habit for avoiding people. Trying to defeat that is mainly what led me on this adventure and what kept me driving solo through the void of Texas (which alone is enough to make you want to turn back haha)

What felt like forever later I found myself pulling up to the house of the cousin of Jessie, in a masterplan community just outside of Houston Texas… and I got there before them.. so I sat creepily in the end of a culd-a-sac and waited to spy the green subaru the Kiwis so affectionally named Padre. Once I saw them pull up my mind was racing through how to do the awkward reintroduction. Or is it awkward? It is awkward for me because thats how I feel, or because that’s how everyone feels? Well, at this point who cares, so I decided to go into it like we had been friends for awhile. Which for me was difficult and probably came off like me as having some sort of social disorder and was more than likely amusing.

We ended up doing a couple of things in Houston like the Largest Rodeo/Livestock show (which don’t hold me to because I’m working on memory here!) which was an experience of its own. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been in a crowd that large and by the end of the day it was definitely taking its toll on me. Lets just say I was trying my best to reign in the cranky. My favorite part would have to be when the little kids came out all padded up and strapped themselves to sheep and set them to run. I’m pretty sure the winning kid only held on out of fear because we he got off he had tears streaming down his face


Just before the Billy Currington Concert was over I snuck out to get a picture of the sunset from the NRG stadium


Somewhere in the mash of memories that are my time in Texas there is a short little hike that we got to do in Sam Houston National Forest, this really is the start of our adventure and so after that loooong introduction here are the photos from my Little Unexpected Adventure.

Our snack spot

We ended up giving a ride to a fellow  who was multi-day hiking and underestimated his food supply. Luckily his car was close by and so was a well supplied grocery store!

Side tidbit: Camping in National Forest and Grasslands is free!


After a couple of days of adventure in Houston and a failed attempt at using airbnb {which for me was verrrry annoying, but maybe one day I’ll be willing to give it a go again, or maybe even try couchsurfing!}  we found ourselves on the way to New Orleans and ready to camp at the local KOA. According to a few different people I’m confused about what these are actually called, it is apparently a K-O-A and not said as a word koa (rhymes with boa!) Well to hell with you guys, to me it is kamping on arrival and I will call it Koa!

Our first night started on Bourbon street, and probably a little too early haha. Of course with Alexis and Jessie being from New Zealand I wanted them to have the full American NOLA experience, so we started with Hand Grenades! and refills of Hand Grenades! It was definitely an unusual experience for me that included dancing with a couple of strangers who tried and failed to teach me how to square dance.


The streets started out as empty but as the sun went down the crowds came out. We found ourselves running into the same people occasionally. The last time I was in NOLA was in August, which was humid AF. I’m talking so humid it melted my necklace. {Eventually I’ll get that trip posted and you’ll see}


 The weather was very comfortable and there was a good balance of friendly people experiencing the Bourbon Street night life, definitely not too overwhelming and loads of fun

Shenanigans ensued through the night which included Jessie loving this ladies hair so much she asked for a picture. As the night went on I think we filled our hand grenades a third time theres a vague memory of neon sign flashing “$1 tube shot”



An über ride later and we were safe in our little tents. I was passed the hell out on my comfy air mattress with my own comfy pillow {Which is a tiny luxury that I take when car traveling}

Which by the way I wish I had a picture of my camping box and everything I was traveling with, I’ll keep this in mind for next time!

{tent kit-air mattress-airpump-stove-cookware-eating ware-tiny broom/dustpan-food stash box}



The next morning and a magic hangover cure later {which included water and courage} we drove just outside of the city center and caught the streetcar in on The St. Charles Line, which is a very important distinction for NOLA. It has something to do with having streetcars 60 years before trolleys came around


Who doesn’t love a good old ferry boat


kind of  have a thing for bloody marys and the oysters were so very good. Apparently there were no oysters,  but they happened to be delivering them when he went to check!  I ended up getting a crawfish dish of some kind and WAS NOT able to even make a dent despite how good it was. Definitely felt guilty for all that leftover food {who someone later asked me for on the street, why not, I probably wasn’t going to eat it} Share food if you can because servings are huge. Our only criteria for this restraunt choice was that we wanted to sit on a balcony



Just a colorful hot dog joint that we saw over on Frenchman Street. We were told this is where the locals go for a more low key evening. We definitely found that in a little live music place down the street from this. A couple of drinks to finish us off and we headed back to our tent away from home for an easy night before and early travel day

Jackson Square was surrounded by artist and performers. We sat for awhile and watched someone paint the street scene while a large brass group played. It really is a lively and upbeat place which was really great for people watching



I think I can check “Go to New Orleans with people I’ve only known in person for less than two weeks” off my list.. Not that it was on there but hey! Thats kind of how my list has formed. Life kind of just makes it for you sometimes, everything can be an accomplishment that way


We decided a visit to an old plantation on the way was a good way to get a feel for the local history. You know, America stuff.


On the way in we kind of parked a little far away and ended up walking by a local school as they got out for recess. Which was highly entertaining because immediately they were telling us not to go in there because it was haunted. Quickly followed by the boys hitting on the Kiwis and and trying to find out their age.


The guy who lived here, General Whitfield,  really made this place flourish from a small dogtrot house into the mansion that it became {There isn’t really a front door, just a side door and this one around the back}



This guy really was kind of progressive {as much as a slave owner could be} in that any time he brought in a masonry worker he asked that his slaves be taught the valuable trade which they could later use to make money for themselves


Everything is of his own design, including the cabinet to hold his extravagant center piece {the name of which I can not remember or find D: } which does by the way resemble a pineapple


Apparently back then in the 1840’s pineapples were a sign of open hospitality to travelers



We stopped to camp for the night in Talladega National Forest, which honestly was a little bit sketchy. Even though we followed all of the rules of dispersed camping in the middle of a very dark national forest, in Alabama {sorry Alabama}, and all the scary stories that the New Zealanders had heard about traveling in America came up. Gun toting, bud light loaded, flag waving, land defending, constitutional rights bearing, kidnapping, American killers came up too. I was on edge haha



We passed through the tiny edge of Georgia to make it to a friend of Alexis’  whose dorm we crashed at in this weird little college town Sewanee Tennessee for the University of the South. It pays to have friends in foreign countries! So many reliable places to stay! We also  got to watch a lacrosse match which was cool!

All of the climbing really was on the back end of the trip. “The reason for me going” was to  get into climbing. I guess make friends too haha. When my dad had heard that I was interested in going the next thing I knew he as offered to buy me a pair of climbing shoes! With so many opportunities presenting themselves to make it happen how could I say no?!


Finally after making it to a place where we would actually climb, it never really “hit me” that I would be scary high up with really only one way up or down. I was expecting some kind of moment of regret or wtf do I do now but that never came. I feel like nothing ever really felt like it was out of the normal from what I do every day. Which is odd considering my usual feelings towards new places/people/activities.


I could, by some people, be described as a real stick in the mud. But, all you can do is branch out and build who you are as a person and see what sticks, and I was hoping rock climbing would be one of those things. So why not balls to the wall and give it a go like you’ve done it before? It definitely made meeting new people a lot easier. So, pretending to be someone who likes people made me like people? Yeh, thats the gist. So am I a people liker to begin with? Round and round we go..


I had to do some backwards digging to find info out info {next time I’m just going to write the damn stuff down somewhere} but I do know this was one of my first climbs! This here climb is Gravity Boots which is  5.7 at Foster Falls TN . They strapped me in, gave me the low down on the safety info, and sent me on my way. After a moment of just staring and trying to wrap my mind around how to even start, the next thing I know I’m half way up a rock wall trying to figure out how to climb tiny ledges that don’t exist


Finally getting to the top and setting back into the harness to look out over the crazy height that I had just climbed was a personal success and another one for the list that I never anticipated! I’m not sure if I was keeping the rush in check or if it just doesn’t hit until you get back down but it was a unique and exhilarating experience!


The whole time I kept thinking that I should I be feeling something more, more terrified? Afraid? Hesitant? I wasn’t sure but It never crept in. All that going on at once but as soon as I started all I could really focus on was the task at hand {haha} Which was very loudly in my head:HAND FOOT now HAND FOOT..

Finally we drove our {my} final stretch to Miguel’s {with our handy dandy walkie talkies connecting our 2 car convoy} a well known pizza joint among climbers in Daniel Boone National Forest. It’s a great little place that lets you camp out back for $2 a person per day, has pay showers, and even houses a well stocked climbing shop. I was told several times the The Red River Gorge is world class climbing and as someone who was brand spanking new to climbing I knew right away a return trip would be in my future. I’m not typically a cold wether kind of person, but it definitely played into the climbing and outdoor lifestyle.

Puff jackets everywhere. And lot of cute doggos everywhere


Miguels was definitely a first time type of experience for me. One that I crave again and has changed me into a slightly different person. One who is enthralled with being somewhere completely different and being around complete strangers as if you’ve known them the whole time. For me that feel really came from the main community area which of course is centered around food!


 At the end of the day everyone would come pouring under the large building shed thing, bust out their camp stoves and start cooking up some of the craziest camp food I have ever seen! Being around so many outdoor loving like minded people really opened up my eyes to the type of world we live in. Yes things are crazy and yes the world is overwhelming, but my life is my own and taking the time to find who I am is my priority. Not living my life for some 9-5 who tells me they are my whole world


Working is important to fund whatever lifestyle you chose to live, but if you never take the time to develop who you are and explore that, than you are letting yourself be filler in the lives all the other people who do take the opportunities and chances that life gives them. Being here in the National Bridge State Park 20 some years after my mom really brings up a cool perspective for me


In that time this natural arch remains unchanged. I can picture the thousands and thousands of faces that have looked out over the trees in the exact spot I was and be connected through time with a common desire, to seek out something greater than I am

Apparently being a long haired girl who enjoys nature and the universe send out this signal that says “I do drugs” who would’a thought? As I was sitting peacefully on the bridge waiting for the Kiwis to catch up I waved back to a couple of passerby’s and watched a girl paint the scene in front of us. A few minutes latter one of the guys came back and sat next to me. Immediately my girldar is like  some shit is about to be up and nautarly my brian jumps to “he wants to throw you off the bridge” {wtf brain really?} Instead the guys offers to sell me ecstasy! and shows me a picture of him hoisting his gun up over nature with the natural bridge framed in the background. Fuck all of that. After the Kiwis came round I noped the fuck out of there real quick



The Kiwis being in their natural Hobbitat 😛




Coming up on the last day of climbing for my trip I was connived to give something a go wayyy above my newbie pay grade and after having worn myself out on other climbs {ya know, the whole thing where new climbers use way to much arm and not enough leg} I gave it a good hard go at the start but just couldn’t nail the starting move. I’m not going to play into the whole stereotype of limits with height… but I did have to stack some rocks to even reach the first hold so.. I got a boost! and was initially just going to climb to the cool cut out but with some convincing I went all the way to the scary overhang before my body called it quits

 {The Gallery, Johnny B. Good, 5.11a}



One of the most memorable parts of this trip was definitely all the new people that I met. There were all kinds of types of people from teachers, to lawyers, there were full time climbers, thrill seekers,  and peace seekers, foreigners and people from all over America, but the common love was climbing. It really was the most eclectic group of people I’ve ever gotten to meet


Including this strange band of friends {dudes to the right} who met up to climb and get horse tattoos. Somehow we got attached to them {I honestly think it started with some good ol’ shit talking} and it went from there! Jessie even got the cutest little pig tattoo I’ve ever seen. Kristi there to the left was another real inspiration to me, she was traveling alone and just sought out people to hang and climb with! Literally never even would have thought that was a thing that people could do before


After surprising me with the cutest and best gift you could give a new climber {Monsty the chalk bag!} and my new harness in tote I made a promise to pursue climbing further and one day meet back up with Alexis and Jessie and hopefully be able to climb at their grade!

{and hopefully in New Zealand}

 I don’t want this to drag on too much like the start so I’ll just say

Here’s to the future and to all the Unexpected Adventures that life will bring, and to all the planned ones that is has inspired

to all the friendships it has started and to all the friendships it will stem in the future

thank you Kiwis for a life changing event

you dun good

we’ll see how much I have to correct ahha

To New Adventures!

Sedona, Az


After having driven through Sedona one time and I knew I had to come back. There was nothing in particular that I had in mind when I wanted to return, just that I wanted to see the red rock  at sunset and to walk around the main visitor area. Sedona is known for a lot of weird things in Arizona, including energy portals and people who speak telepathically with dolphins… No matter what you think though it has breath taking views and truly red rock! I say this because this was Paul’s (my long time partner) first time seeing  Sedona.

Paul is color deficient, which means he can’t tell certain colors from each other, usually browns/reds/greens/pinks/purple. For his most recent birthday I got him a pair of Enchroma glasses, which help colorblindness by using lenses that are tinted a certain way. On the way up to Sedona we got to save a little money by crashing on the couch of an old friend Phill (Who we plan to see again once the snow sets in!). On a side note this was my first time having Jack in the Box! 

That  night we wondered around the “city center” I guess you would call it to find a good bar. We settled on this place right on route 66  called Flagstaff Brewing company. While we were there we overheard that the bartenders name your tab based on an obvious descriptor, like Mr Clean. We never found out which name they stuck us with which is probably for the best. I really enjoyed the pear cider that they had, which was sweet with a bit of bitter (not really a beer fan), and french fries which made a good end to the night. 

The next morning we were off to the Arizona Snowbowl to ride the scenic lift up on the last day before it closed. (The tickets are $5 cheaper per person when you buy them online!) Before heading up we grabbed a drink from the bar and sat on their deck to soak in the fall scenery. After hearing a foreigner dad rushing around asking if anyone would like hot chocolate or coffee I couldn’t resist the urge to get my own hot chocolate. Now with our warm beverages in had we boarded the lift for our 30 min ride to the top. 

Being in the silence of nature is one of my favorite things. I fee like being surround by nothing but trees and the wind really has a cleansing and calming effect on the soul. Being constantly bombarded with everything that is in this world right now (especially politics) is so trying and tiring and I feel like that really is the source of all the chaos in my life. 

Once we got to the top of the lift (which we had to exit very quickly in order not to be leveled!) we took the short 1/4 mile hike to the top to look out over the Arizona Snowbowl. After giving him a minute to look out over the mass amount of color changing trees I gave him his new Enchroma glasses. At first the color difference wasn’t the drastic but over the last few weeks of constant wear the differences are more pronounced and easier for him to see.



In order to get from Flagstff to Sedona we took one of my favorite scenic drives from Flagstaff to Sedona on 89A. Its a winding road through mountains and trees on each Side. We stopped for some locally grown apples which I made into the most delicious tiny pies. Fall is one of my favorite times, especially for the color. My favorite part would have to be coming into Sedona when Paul was shocked that the red rock was actually red!  

sedona-sunsetIAfter racing the sunset to Sedona we found a place to park so we could  walk around in the shops. I have to say I am disappointed with the number of “cookie cutter” tourist shops that Sedona has, but there are  few gems hidden along the main strip.

We ended up doing a couples wine tasting at Made In Arizona which was a lot of fun. Our host was a lot of fun and we ended up getting a bottle of their Kokopeli Moscato (which at $28 is the most expensive bottle I have ever bought haha) and two sandblasted wine glasses as souveniers! Paul always comes away with hot sauce of course! We wound down the evening at the local pizza place before the long, dark, drive home.


This was a go at a first post, we’ll see how it evolves and I’ll add some photos in later!

-Kaela The Adventurer